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We know the African market. In fact, we create research on it.

At Afriq Research, we provide highly detailed studies, covering a good number of industries, across Africa - as well as industry knowledge that is particularly interesting for the African market. Afriq Research.com is the world's most trustworthy and reliable provider of necessary market analysis and research. We create valuable in-depth reports on many business services and products across the Africa.

African Market research solutions

Although quantitative and qualitative market research is now trending in Africa, just a few years back, the practice was virtually unknown in many countries. As a result, companies, political institutions, and development cooperation organizations lacked reliable data to work with. At Afriq Research, we aim to bridge that gap, thanks to our highly-skilled researchers.

We collect vital information using state-of-the-art survey systems that guarantee the efficient collection and the highest data quality. Predict future product demands, do not miss out global opportunities. Our market research solutions cover a full range of industries.

Local and Global networks

We work with local market research institutes to include the country-specific characteristics of the market and the cultural background (religion, history, ethnicity).

More so, thanks to its many years of activity worldwide, we have a network of carefully selected partner institutes that meet our requirements for quality, reliability, and flexibility.

Here in Afriq Research, we provide in-country analysts presents the depth of local business report needed in today's multicultural market. Our industry specialist crew guarantees the consistency of our analysis.

African Market Trends

With a comprehensive network around the continent, African market research on each significant trend, we give you a powerful entrance to the real story behind consumer behavior.

Afriq Research can identify your next opportunity. Find out about emerging countries and economies in no time.

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